Hi Phil:
Please find attached a slightly modified version of your file with a couple of minor changes. Hopefully the instructions are clear.
Thanks very much for all your great research and quality work over the year. We appreciate it.
Best of the holidays to you.
Sheldon. (J&M Coin and Jewelery, Vancouver)

WOW!!  WOW!!  WOW!!  Talk about service — and the product is great.  You nailed it — exactly what I was looking for.  Please forward a copy of these to JRFM and just e-mail me an invoice.
Thanks again, Phil.
Karen (Just Flooring, Vancouver)

Awesome!  We have been in a state of flux!  What we really need are partners like you who can help us maximize our reach in our community.  I am forwarding this email to my colleague Kai Stearns who is the Marketing Manager for our affiliate.  We will be contacting you very soon to better understand how to make these changes and better utilize your service.
Thank you very much for your assistance with this matter.
Stephanie F. Kight Vice President, Development and Marketing 
Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties

Hi Phil & Dot –
Once again, thank you both so much for the Christmas message tape. I was telling Phil that Barry and I were away on vacation during December, and calling in to the shop every business day, so we had a chance to listen to it when we were put on hold. It was great, as always!
Kathleen @ Miracle Printing

Please find a copy of our updated information for the November message.
Appreciate you doing this service for us. It was nice to hear your voice when I was on hold with one of our customers – Sonic Environmental.
I know of at least one customer in the past few weeks who asked how they could get in touch with “That Guy” who does our message. We’re glad to pass along your contact info!
Calvin Warneke Sales Team Leader
Western Imperial Magnetics

Thank you so much.  It sounds great.  You have just made our lives 10 times easier spreading the message about open access.
Thanks again
Cheryl RevardCare Station Medical, North Vancouver.

We’ve had some nice compliments on our on-hold messages and are hoping you can send me a copy of our current messages.
Thanks –
Joanne Hankey Complete Eyecare Optometry – Abbotsford.