Q: When would I need to put a caller on hold?
A: There are numerous occasions when you may prefer not to place a caller On Hold but the situation requires that you do so. Some examples include: When the person the caller is trying to reach is on another line; when the switchboard is busy with other calls and cannot immediately redirect the call; when you need a moment to locate some information that is not right at hand; or when you are interrupted by a co-worker and need to be excused from the conversation for just a moment.

Q: Don’t caller get annoyed if they are placed On Hold?
A: No. They appreciate the effort you have taken to provide them with meaningful information or entertainment and a reassurance that they are still connected. It beats the confusion of having silence and wondering if they are still connected. It beats the annoying “beep” on the line every few seconds. It beats letting your customer listen to a radio station playing ads that suggest other ways to spend his or her dollars instead of with you. Even worse they may be your direct competitor’s ads.

Q: How often should my messages be changed?
A: Your On Hold Marketing program should be updated at least quarterly. We remind you on a regular basis to examine the contents of your message and take a moment to think about how you are marketing your business. Our little “nagging” is a valuable part of our service. Don’t let your business stagnate by becoming complacent about promoting your services. If you have a strong, consistent marketing program in place you should update often enough to realize the synergy of your On Hold Marketing efforts.

Q: What kind of phone system do I need?
A: Your telephone system must be capable of playing an audio signal (music or messages) when the Hold button is employed. This means a system with a basic KSU or PBX located at the demarcation point of the phone lines entering your business. After that it doesn’t matter if you have two handsets or two hundred, our On Hold equipment will work with your phones.

Q: Where do I get the On Hold equipment?
A: We supply the Message On Hold equipment as part of our service. There is no equipment to purchase, no down payment nor deposit to pay. Depending on your situation the equipment will be either connect to our server through an ethernet connection(iProMOH) or dial up internet connection (On Call 2000). The equipment remains the property of NCCI and is returned at the end of the service contract.

Q: Why can’t I just plug a CD player into my phone system or play my favourite CD’s while callers are waiting?
A: It is illegal. We use licensed music with your production so you don’t have to pay any copyright or performance fees. Federal licensing agencies are actively searching for businesses using music inappropriately and imposing fees if they continue. Depending on the number of handsets in the business, the fees can be greater than the cost of our services.

Message On Hold Strengths

INCREASE Sales opportunities
ENHANCE corporate image
CROSS MARKET products and services
ALLEVIATE callers’ frustrations while on hold
RELIEVE pressure on your telephone staff
FEATURE current specials
DECREASE perceived hold time