It costs the average business five times as much to obtain a new customer than it takes to keep that same customer. Yet 94% of all marketing budgets are to induce a customer to call, and only 6% to handle the call once it is received. Internal marketing means doing what you can to retain and service your customers. An On-Hold messaging system is a vital part of this effort.

With nothing on hold, 90% of all people will hang up within 40 seconds and 60% of business callers will hang up before you get to them. With music on hold they will hold, on average, 1 minute. With information on hold, they will hold, on average, 3 – 4 minutes. We have proven this over the past 15 years with hundreds of satisfied clients from Automotive Retailers, to Optometrists, to Financial Institutions, to progressive companies just like yours for more than a decade.

NCCI continues to stay on the leading edge of On Hold messaging technology and as a result can offer your company the benefits of digital download On Hold service. Our playback units are state of the art digital on hold announcers that are compatible with any phone system that has music playback capabilities.

We would like the opportunity to provide you and your business with a quote for our On Hold service. Call us at 604-576-8434 or toll free at 1-800-774-6534